STA Ambassadors are organisations whose values and work we admire. We share a common vision to make electronics soft and textiles smart in a responsible way. Our Ambassadors are ready to assist you with matters outside the scope of our own business.

Market Overview

Business documents for download.

Smart Textiles Market Map

Here you can find a diagram of the current markets for smart textiles.


Guidelines for logotypes and colours.

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We let you know what is new in Smart Textiles and why it matters to you. The contributions are from STA staff or from our industry partners. Our goal is to provide high-quality information that you cannot find anywhere else.

James Hayward: the Smart Textiles Killer App

James Hayward: the Smart Textiles Killer App

Recently we conducted an interview with James, Hayward, Principal Analyst at IDTechEx. During this interview we discussed the potential for a ‘Killer App’ in the field of Smart Textiles. Given that...

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Rachael Granberry: Reaching for the Stars

Rachael Granberry: Reaching for the Stars

In the first of a series of interviews that Smart Textile Alliance will conduct with a range of different people from within the Smart Textile Community, we spoke with Rachael Granberry, final year...

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Governing Documents

Constitution of the Smart Textile Alliance for download.

Certificate of Incorporation

Incorporated 14 October 2020 in England under the Companies Act 2006 as a company limited by guarantee (not-for-profit).

Articles of Association

Our governing rules and procedures for Smart Textile Alliance.