Smart Textile Alliance

Smart Textile Alliance (STA) is a private not-for-profit organization promoting industry standards, collaboration, and use of e-textile technologies. We support development of innovative e-textile products through access to trusted suppliers, contemporary knowledge, activities and events.

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A diverse Community of Specialists

STA supports collaboration with researchers and companies across the entire e-textiles supply chain, creating a community where SMEs, large enterprises and R&D organisations contribute diverse professional expertise in innovative products and services.

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Setting Standards for Sustainable e-textiles

Smart textiles are a disruptive technology combining microelectronics and textiles, increasing value for end-users and extending product lifetimes. STA promotes standardization of components and modular system architectures that facilitate replacement and recycling for sustainable products.

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Fast-track e-textile Development

We are an experienced team with an in-depth understanding of Smart Textiles. Through our network of Suppliers and Ambassadors we can help find the right components and partners for your development or to scale up your business.

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A Community for e-textile Specialists

Coming soon! This autumn STA will offer a range of events and activities to foster collaboration across the value chain. Check for Events after the Summer Break.


We are smart textile specialists, seeking to align the industry and mature the supply chain for the emerging technology. We know and understand the business, its potential and the challenges.


The growth of smart textiles is held back by a lack of plug-and-play solutions. We believe we can foster new sustainable products and lead the smart textile industry to its full potential.


We support companies that are exploring new opportunities within smart textiles and together create industry standards based on the demands from consumers and smart textiles developers.

Highlight from our Blog

We let you know what is new in Smart Textiles and why it matters to you. The contributions are from STA staff or from our industry partners. Our goal is to provide high-quality information that you cannot find anywhere else.

Born GmbH – Knitting Smart Textiles

Born GmbH – Knitting Smart Textiles

German smart textile design and production company Born specialises in knitted garments with integrated sensors and intelligent functions for medical, sport and other applications. The Smart...

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Suppliers Directory

STA Suppliers Directory represents a list of companies with a proven track record of supplying high quality Smart Textile products. Components from these suppliers all fit within the Smart Textile Stack™.

“I am very excited to see a list of Smart Textile suppliers with a scalable focus accessible in one place.”

Alexander Krause, Former Head of ITK Engineering’s Smart Textile Competence Center


STA Ambassadors are organisations whose values and work we admire. We share a common vision to make electronics soft and textiles smart in a responsible way. Our Ambassadors are ready to assist you with matters outside the scope of our own business.