Smart Textile Alliance

Smart Textile Alliance (STA) is a not-for-profit corporation founded to advance e-textile technology through the development of industry standards and support for cross-sector collaborations.

Why Smart Textiles?

Smart Textiles offers new opportunities to create intelligent products and reduce the overall consumption of plastic and metal.

Smart Textiles is Growing Across Industries

Smart Textiles is a disruptive technology paving the way for innovative applications in various sectors such as sport and health. However, the lack of standards and plug and play components is slowing down the industry.

How to Resolve Interoperability

STA has been inspired by the USB Implementers Forum, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and those who have revolutionized industries by forming neutral standards bodies and certification programs to enrich the technology experience for end-users.

Join Us

We are an experienced team with a deep understanding of smart textiles. Join us and become a key player in the development of industry standards or sponsor our technical work for sustainable growth.

Make Electronics Soft and Textiles Smart

Smart textiles has a promising future across a variety of applications. Over the years, solutions and components developed have not been ‘interoperable’ leading to frustration and high costs during product development and manufacturing. Smart Textile Alliance is aimed at solving these issues.


We are smart textile specialists, seeking to align the industry and mature the supply chain for the emerging technology. We know and understand the business, its potential and the challenges.


The growth of smart textiles is held back by a lack of plug-and-play solutions. We believe we can foster new sustainable products and lead the smart textile industry to its full potential.


We support companies that are exploring new opportunities within smart textiles and together create industry standards based on the demands from consumers and smart textiles developers.

Community of Experts

We know it will take time before our mission is completed. On our journey we are engaging with outstanding organisations within e-textiles and we are eager to share our expertise along the way.

“Standards can lay down the ‘rules of the game’ for markets looking to develop and adopt emerging technologies”

British Standards Institute