Imagine a world of laptops and mobile phones without USB or Bluetooth technologies. Lack of standardization would upset consumers and slow down industries. The smart textiles industry lacks this seamless interoperability and enhanced user experience. Smart Textile Alliance is driving to bring standards to support innovation and growth in this emerging industry.

What we do

We provide technical support for the advancement of industry standards and development of high-quality products that fit into the Smart Textile Stack. We believe this leads to versatile products that will benefit both the industry and enrich the technology experience for end-users.

Smart Textile Alliance aims to codify standards and mature the supply chain for smart textiles. We are building it on a structured stack encompassing both electronics and textile components.


Smart Textile Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation founded in October 2020. We are registered in England and work out of London, UK and Aarhus, Denmark

Mili Tharakan

Mili is an experienced entrepreneurial inventor who has been working with smart textiles since 2004. She founded and led the Smart Textiles Innovation Lab at Welspun (one of the largest home textiles manufacturers in Asia) and went on to develop, manage and launch smart home textile products on the global market with the company’s corporate start.

Christian Dalsgaard, Chair

Christian is a leader with considerable expertise in the field of commercializing smart textile developments. His knowledge of the field spans more than a decade from the early stages of R&D in materials and integration of smart functions in garments to developments for the European Space Agency, ESA. Today Christian holds a position as Senior Consultant at the Danish Technological Institute in Functional Materials and chairs the board of the Smart Textile Alliance.

Anne Jensen

Anne is an experienced coordinator of smart textile projects, who has led proposal development to coordination and administration of successful innovative projects since 2005. Her extensive knowledge of the industry is a strong base for expanding stakeholder activities, driving new initiatives and identifying funding programmes for potential projects.

Sponsorships and Donations

To achieve our vision of leading the smart textile industry to its full potential, we generously appreciate all sponsorships and donations from companies and institutions to support our technical work developing standards and our promotion of smart textiles. In exchange Smart Textiles Alliance will offer a range of effective services. Please get in touch with one of our staff if you would like to contribute.