Meet Our Ambassadors

Jun 2, 2021

We are so proud to have the first STA Ambassadors onboard. We share a common vision to make electronics soft and textiles smart in a responsible way. Our Ambassadors represent the most outstanding within the e-textiles network, research, laboratory, testing and market intelligence.

STA Ambassadors are organisations whose values and work we admire, and they are ready to assist you with matters outside the scope of our business. They possess confidence in our team, and we can strongly recommend them as a partner in your next project.

The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing is a strategic connector and think tank for textile innovation in Europe. It runs the SmartX – Smart Textiles Accelerator and the European Masterclass for Smart Textiles Innovation.

ETP homepage… or SmartX homepage…

Fraunhofer IZM and the laboratory for electronics in textiles (TexLab) have one of the strongest research capacities in Europe for smart textiles. They work with clients on commissioned projects or collaborate as part of governmental funded projects.

TexLab at Fraunhofer IZM …

IDTechEx has provided independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology to clients in over 80 countries since 1999. IDTechEx has for a long time being the most trusted source for E-textiles and Smart Clothing intelligence.

More about intelligence services for wearables…

CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials is a multi-disciplinary institute, with unique competencies in both printed electronics and functional fibres and fabrics treatments.

Link to homepage…

The Textile Institute aims to advance the general interests of the textile industry worldwide, more particularly in relation to the acquisition and application of knowledge for the benefit of mankind. The institute organises Special Interest Groups and publishes books about Smart Textiles and their applications.

Link to homepage…

The E-Textiles Network brings together researchers and developers from academia and industry interested in adding electronic functionality to textiles and their related products. The E-Textiles Network is a great resource for everybody interested in Smart Textiles.

Link to homepage…

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) is leading the development of e-textile test methods. The association also brings together information and resources from across industries and around the world to the e-textile space.

More about e-textile test methods at AATCC…

About Smart Textile Alliance

Smart Textile Alliance is a company limited by guarantee registered in England in October 2020. The non-profit organisation aims to develop industry standards based on leading technologies and provide support for companies that are exploiting new opportunities within smart textiles.

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